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Safety Edge

Did you know that road departures account for over half of all fatal crashes? Vertical pavement edge drop-off on highways is a contributing factor in many of these serious and fatal crashes.

To reduce vertical drop-off that can lead to serious and fatal crashes, FHWA advocates installing Safety Edgesm on pavements during paving or resurfacing projects. Safety Edgesm technology allows drivers who drift off highways to return to the road safely. This simple, inexpensive solution is a focus of the FHWA's Every Day Counts program.

Safety Edgesm is a 30-degree beveled pavement edge that is placed next to the road. The design allows a driver more control when reentering the paved road, even at relatively high speeds.

On rural roads, vertical-edge drop-off crashes are two to four times more likely to include a fatality than other types of crashes. Installing Safety Edgesm can reduce serious injury and fatal crashes by 11 percent. The benefit to cost ratios is between 500 and 1,400.

Safety Edgesm is used on temporary pavements, freeway ramps and narrow shoulders, both freeway and rural non-freeway.