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Transportation Technical Committee (TTC)

The Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) is the forum for MDOT and MPO technical staff that cooperates and works together to improve the technical aspects of transportation planning and modeling in Michigan. TTC serves as a committee to educate, discuss, share and study the advancements of travel demand forecast models and all the technical activities that support those models. TTC is a forum to identify the need for and to promote cooperation and improvements to an array of technical activities and products that support the statewide and urban planning process and the distribution of federal aid in Michigan. TTC also provides an organized forum for the sharing of experience and expertise in those technical areas that relate to all components of statewide and urban transportation modeling.

Membership is open to any Michigan Transportation Planning Association (MTPA), any transit agency or any organization dealing with technical aspects of transportation planning. Members currently include technical staff from MDOT, representatives from all of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Michigan, and representatives from the FHWA-Michigan office.

TTC Coordination Team

Jonathan Roberts, Transportation Planner
Michigan Department of Transportation - SUTA

Bradley Sharlow, Supervisor, Urban Travel Analysis Unit
Michigan Department of Transportation - SUTA

Ryan Buck, Director
Washtenaw Area Transportation Study