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Marshall Modernization Project

  • MDOT will begin a study in 2023 and the project is anticipated to completed by 2026.

  • The proposed Marshall Modernization project will improve safety and operations for I-94, I-69, M-96, and M-311. The interchanges will be further evaluated as part of the study.

  • There are many ways to provide input. Sign up for project updates or sign up to receive MDOT news and information for MDOT’s Southwest Region. MDOT plans to hold a public meeting in late 2023 or early 2024.

  • MDOT conducts traffic noise studies on highway projects to understand how a project will impact noise levels for nearby homes, parks, schools, and other locations where activities can be negatively affected by traffic noise. More information on MDOT noise abatement is available on MDOT's Noise Abatement page.

  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvements will be evaluated during the study.

  • The $330 million for the road work comes from a legislative appropriation from the Michigan Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR) Fund. None of the funding comes from the MDOT budget.

  • The final design will depend on the project traffic volumes for the Ford BlueOval Battery Park and the outcomes of the environmental review. The traffic volumes used in the traffic impact study were generic to account for multiple types of developments that had shown pervious interest in the Marshall MegaSite. The actual improvements will be determined by MDOT’s environmental review process in consideration with the traffic volumes created by Ford’s BlueOval development.

  • The road alignment shown in the traffic impact study is not the final alignment. It was drawn to represent potential impacts and needed infrastructure that would be required for a specific development size.