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Blue Water Bridge Plaza Reconstruction - Component 2 (DB)

Project Information

Reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Blue Water Bridge Corridor and Plaza Expansion, city of Port Huron for Component 2 (of the 2009 Refined Design). Project includes, but is not limited to, work along I-69/I-94 ramps and connector roads leading to and from the Plaza, building demolition and construction, tunnels, bridge construction, ITS, fencing, landscaping, security improvements and site work. MDOT will utilize a best value selection process for this project based on key MDOT and stakeholder goals and objectives.

Job Number
211792, 211793

Control Section

Delivery Method
Design Build (DB)

James Ranger, Innovative Contracting Engineer

Map showing the boundaries of the the Blue Water Bridge Plaza reconstruction along I-6/I-94 in Port Huron.

Estimated Cost

Construction Cost: $160,000,000

Anticipated Schedule

Industry Forum: TBD

Best Value Selection Industry Outreach: TBD

Issue Request for Qualifications (RFQ): January 2024

Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Due: February 2024

Notification of Short-Listed Submitters: March 2024

Issue Request for Proposals: March 2024

Technical and Priced Proposals Due: Fall 2024

Anticipated Contract Award: Winter 2024

Construction: 2025-2027

Project Attributes

DBE Goal (Preconstruction): TBD

TBD DBE Goal (Construction): TBD

Mentor Protege: Yes

* Anticipated Prequalification


* Anticipated Primary Professional Services

Design - Roadway: Complex

Design - Bridges: Complex

Design - Buildings

* Anticipated Secondary Professional Service Prequalification

Design – Bridges: Load Rating, Design – Bridges: Scoping, Design Geotechnical: Advanced, Design – Hydraulics II, Design – Traffic: Capacity & Geometric Analysis, Design – Traffic: ITS – Design and System Manager, Design – Traffic: Pavement Markings, Design – Traffic: Safety Studies, Design – Traffic: Signal, Design – Traffic: Signal Operations – Complex, Design – Traffic: Signing – Freeway,  Design – Traffic: Signing – Non-Freeway, Design – Traffic: Work Zone Mobility & Safety, Design – Utilities: Municipal, Design – Utilities: Roadway Lighting, Design – Utilities: Subsurface Utility Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Surveying: Right of Way, Surveying, Road Design, Surveying: Structure, Environmental: Noise Assessment