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Junkyard Screening

Old cars and trucks along M-26 in Houghton County.
Department of Transportation

Junkyard Screening

Provide guidance for controlling the screening of junkyards adjacent to highway right-of-way. This program area is relatively stable. MDOT routinely responds to requests for regulatory information. Owners are then held responsible for screening properties visible from state trunkline highways.

For more information, contact:

Scott Greene, Manager
Utility Coordination, Permits & Agreements

Laws that regulate junkyards
MDOT's responsibility for the administration of junkyard control is derived from the following three laws:

  • Federal Law - Title 23 USC 136, Control of Junkyards, and Title 23 CFR 751.1 to 751.25.
  • State Law - Act 219, PA of 1966, as amended by Act 132, PA of 1972, (MCLA 252.201 et seq.) and State Administrative Code (R247.11 to R247.109).
  • State Law - Act 451, P.A. of 1994, 324.8901(a), Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (Excerpt) - Litter Defined.

    To request a permit submit a completed electronic Form 2241 to Scott Greene.