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YDMP Team Members

Team members will be assigned to various maintenance activities within a region. Teams are usually made up of one team leader and four to five team members.

Description of Duties

Team members perform maintenance activities such as:

  • Weeding vegetation around guardrails and road signs;
  • Removing litter;
  • Cleaning rest areas;
  • Performing and maintaining landscaping;
  • Repairing and maintaining rest area features (picnic tables, posts, etc.);
  • Mowing and maintaining roadside parks and scenic turnouts;
  • Assisting with erosion-control measures and cleaning culvert outlets;
  • Cleaning vehicles and equipment; and
  • Painting Park-N-Ride lot posts.


  • $12 - $13.50 per hour (based on experience and duties performed).
  • Insurance and other benefits are not provided.
  • No compensation for time not worked, including due to inclement weather.