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Amtrak Midwest Service Changes, Modified schedules in Wisconsin and Michigan, to and from Chicago

Amtrak Midwest service modifications due to reduced travel demand are in partnership with the Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri state transportation departments: 

Effective Thursday, March 19:

  • Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha corridor service reduced to four daily round-trips. Friday evening Hiawatha Train 343 also temporarily suspended.

  • Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac Wolverine corridor service reduced to two daily roundtrips.

  • Chicago-Holland-Grand Rapids Pere Marquette daily roundtrips suspended. Amtrak Thruway Bus connections to and from Grand Rapids are available daily via Kalamazoo.

  • Some Amtrak Thruway Bus routes will have service modifications.

Effective Saturday, March 20:

  • Chicago-Milwaukee corridor service reduced to two daily round-trips, including Hiawatha and Empire Builder

  • Chicago-St. Louis corridor service reduced to three daily round-trips, including Lincoln Service and Texas Eagle

  • Chicago-Carbondale corridor service reduced to two daily round-trips, including Illini and City of New Orleans

  • Chicago-Macomb-Quincy corridor service reduced to one daily round-trip

  • Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac Wolverine corridor service reduced to one daily round-trip.

No changes:

  • Chicago-East Lansing-Port Huron Blue Water daily round-trips

  • Kansas City-Jefferson City-St. Louis Missouri River Runner corridor services.

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Anyone planning to travel should check their train status on or our smartphone apps prior to departing, allow extra time to get to the station and be extremely careful in stations and on platforms. To be notified of service disruptions, follow @AmtrakAlerts on Twitter. 

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Amtrak regrets any inconvenience. This information is correct as of the above time and date. Information is subject to change as conditions warrant.