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MDOT video highlights unique features on I-75 modernization project in Oakland County

December 10, 2020 -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) today released a video on YouTube updating some of the state-of-the-art advancements included on the current I-75 modernization project in Oakland County.

In addition to a brief overview, the I-75 modernization project video explains the benefits of the new diverging diamond interchanges (DDI) being built at 14 Mile and Big Beaver roads. Several DDIs have recently been built in the state, including one in Oakland County at the I-75/University Drive interchange in Auburn Hills. MDOT has found these interchanges improve driver safety by eliminating conflict points, such as turning in front of oncoming traffic.

The most unique characteristic of the project, a 4-mile-long drainage tunnel, is featured. This tunnel is being built 100 feet below the northbound service drive from just north of Meyers Avenue to just north of 12 Mile Road. When completed, the drainage tunnel will collect rainwater from the freeway and surface street structures through drainage shafts and it will store and strategically discharge the collected water into the county drain located near 12 Mile Road. This unique design will prevent freeway and local community flooding issues during heavy rain events.   

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