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MDOT announces new Office of Rail director

January 11, 2021 -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has announced Peter Anastor as the new director over the MDOT Office of Rail, effective Jan. 25. 

Having more than 25 years of state service, Anastor currently works with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). He began his career at the State Budget Office in 1995 after graduating from Michigan State University's James Madison College with a Bachelor of Arts in public affairs and from Syracuse University's Maxwell School with a Master of Public Administration.

Anastor later moved to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to focus on policy, community, and economic development. In addition, he played a significant role in the state's logistic and supply chain strategy and creation of the Logistics and Supply Chain Commission. These efforts included working with infrastructure partners, including Class I and short line railroads, to identify and leverage Michigan's logistics and supply chain assets to further economic development opportunities in Michigan. In 2015, he moved over to MDARD to focus on promoting and assisting the growth of food and agriculture companies, including transportation issues and solutions.  

"I look forward to continuing the work MDOT is doing in enhancing our passenger rail infrastructure, developing freight economic opportunities, and improving grade crossing safety," Anastor said. "I want to continue to build on my experience and hope to further grow and foster important relationships with private industry, Amtrak, communities, and other valued stakeholders."   

Anastor will oversee the Office of Rail that works to ensure that Michigan's rail system meets the economic needs of the state and is safe for the motoring public, rail passengers, and railroad employees. Responsibilities include intercity passenger rail operations, grade crossing funding programs, rail grade separation, safety oversight of light rail systems, state-owned rail line management, rail-related economic development programs, and international border crossings.

Peter Anastor, MDOT Office of Rail director