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M-30 temporary bridge construction over the Tobacco River in Gladwin County delayed due to weather

Fast facts:
- MDOT is delaying paving operations for the M-30 bridge over the Tobacco River due to weather.
- Concrete paving will resume once temperatures reach a minimum of 25 degrees.
- These delays are expected to move bridge completion until March 6.

February 8, 2021 -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has suspended work on the temporary M-30 bridge structure over the Tobacco River in Gladwin County. Last week, crews successfully completed the second phase (moving the temporary structure into place) and will work through today, Feb. 8, to ensure all remaining necessary work is complete ahead of paving operations.

The remaining concrete work for both the bridge and the bridge approach requires minimum temperatures of 25 degrees. The recent temperature drop will not allow crews to pour concrete this week. If temperature projections indicate a minimum of 25 degrees next week, crews will spend this coming weekend preparing the site for paving beginning Monday, Feb. 15.

"Our contractor has already addressed several issues that could have negatively impacted the timeline, and by working seven days a week and overnight hours, they were able to help alleviate some of those initial delays," said MDOT construction engineer Shaun Bates. "Unfortunately, we can't make an exception to the paving operation with weather conditions this low, but we're committed to moving forward quickly as soon as we have an indicator that temperatures are rising again."

MDOT began work on the temporary bridge structure Dec. 3, 2020, after the former M-30 causeway bridge was washed away during May flooding and dam failures. The new structure includes 230 feet of prefabricated steel bridge components, which have been pieced together and moved into place over the last several weeks. The current weather restrictions are expected to delay work until March 6, when MDOT expects to reopen the bridge to traffic.

Caption: Weather restrictions will delay paving operations at the temporary bridge through at least Monday, Feb. 15. The new open to traffic date is projected to be March 6.