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TAMC Launches Culvert Asset Management Program

Public Act 51 Agencies, Regional and Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Michigan Department of Transportation

Dear Transportation Agency Partners,

This letter is an update on the Transportation Asset Management Council’s (TAMC) Strategic Work Program to assist with the deployment of your agency’s culvert asset management and data collection programs. First, TAMC has established a Policy for Collection of Culvert Inventory and Condition Data, approved on June 2, 2021. This provides guidance to the elements and procedures by which culvert inventory and condition data collection will be administered. Secondly, on October 21, the Center for Technology and Training will host Culvert Asset Management Training. This training features the new TAMC Culvert Structure Inspection Guide. You can learn more about the training and register here:

Lastly, as we enter the month of October, the State of Michigan 2022 fiscal year begins. TheFY22 TAMC program budget has been approved and provides funding resources under our Asset Management Unified Work Program with our Regional and Metropolitan Planning Agency partners to administer training resources, data collection resources and equipment purchasing resources for Public Act 51 Agencies. TAMC is grateful for the assistance and collaboration with all our Public Act 51 Agencies, Regional and Metropolitan Planning Organizations and our program partners at the Center for Technology and Training and the Center for Shared Solutions to further advance the culvert asset management program.

To learn more about TAMC and to access road and bridge condition data and maps, visit

Joanna I. Johnson, Chair
Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council