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Kilgore Road and eastbound I-94 reopening delayed in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo, Mich. -- The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) still is working to rebuild 2.7 miles of eastbound I-94 between Lovers Lane and Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo, but the work has been delayed by a couple months, pushing back the reopening date for the eastbound lanes.

The two-year, $87 million project still is on track for completion in mid-November 2022, but the original plan to reopen the newly rebuilt eastbound I-94 lanes and bridge over Portage Road has been pushed back until at least Jan. 31, 2022, due to a needed redesign of the bridge beams. Out of an abundance of caution, MDOT engineers and contractors made the decision to delay work on the bridge and redesign the beams over safety concerns with the beams' stability during bridge fabrication.

While work has continued on the new alignment of Kilgore Road to the east of Portage Road, numerous delays have repeatedly pushed the completion date back. Delays with utilities, limited and delayed access to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport property, delays getting building materials, and delays caused by Covid all have slowed work. Contractors currently are aiming to have the new Kilgore Road reopened by Nov. 15.

With all of the delays, MDOT and contractors have been working on a new 2022 project schedule with the goal of staying on track to complete all work on time. Two lanes of I-94 will be open in each direction throughout the project, and motorists are encouraged to check Mi Drive frequently for the latest lane, ramp and road closures as the project moves ahead.

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