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Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian crossing over I-75
Department of Transportation

Pedestrian Bridges

Inspections of pedestrian bridges over State of Michigan routes are performed on a risk-based interval by MDOT, not to exceed 24 months. These inspections are performed to maintain safety and to provide information needed for asset management. Routine inspections of the entire structure may be supplemented by special inspections of bridge components that require more frequent monitoring.

Condition ratings for pedestrian bridges are evaluated following the National Bridge Inventory condition ratings, similar to vehicle bridges. These ratings are based on a 0-9 scale and assigned for each culvert or the deck, superstructure and substructure of each bridge.

NBI Condition Ratings Chart

Visit the Michigan Bridge Conditions website for more information, 


Structural Elements

Diagram of  Pedestrian Bridge Structure


Diagram of  Pedestrian Bridge Culvert


Detroit Area Structure Inspection Reports