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Unassigned Safety Inspections

In 2006 preemptive notifications were created for inspections that were due within 3 months, and in 2010 MDOT began sending automated email notifications to bridge owners for inspections that were 30 days past due. These measures have proven successful at reducing the number of late inspections; however, the state has not reached a full compliance finding during the annual FHWA reviews. MDOT has worked to correct this through manual efforts such as phone calls and/or emails that consume time and resources.

In order to improve efficiency and further reduce the amount of late inspections, MDOT will be reviewing the list of agencies with upcoming inspections that have not been assigned to an inspector. For those agencies that do not have their inspections assigned one month prior than the month due, MDOT will provide a list of agencies who have unassigned inspections on a monthly basis. The posting will be made available through the GovDelivery notification system during the first week of each month and the results may be reviewed below. In order not to receive the notifications or appear on the monthly posting, bridge owners should assign their inspections to an inspection team leader one month prior than the month they are due. This includes local agencies who perform inspections with internal inspection team leaders or bridge owners that perform the work themselves.