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How Do I Adopt-A-Landscape?

  1. Decide on the general location you want.
  2. Discuss the location, project and Context Sensitive Solutions involvement (MDOT Form 3727) with your local MDOT Transportation Service Center (TSC) Construction Permit Agent. Further review and consideration by other individuals and agencies may also be required.
  3. Submit an Individual permit application in the Construction Permit System (CPS) through the MDOT Permit Gateway (MPG) with the following:
    • Acceptance letters of activity from adjacent property owner(s) and the municipality or jurisdiction involved
    • If hiring a contractor, the contractor's name shall be listed on the permit application
    • If planting or vegetation control, work plans and schedules shall be submitted electronically with the permit application. Handouts and brochures are available from your TSC Construction Permit Agent and on the MDOT website with instructions for preparing plans/schedule
  4. Wait for your issued permit (signaling your acceptance into the program). This may take several weeks.
  5. Make sure you understand and conform to all provisions listed in your individual permit.