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M-20 Rebuilding Project - Isabella County

Start: March 2023     End: November 2024

What Is Being Done
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will rebuild M-20 from Mission Street to the US-127 interchange in Mt. Pleasant. Work will involve replacing deteriorating pavement, updating utilities and drainage, and improving access management for drivers and pedestrians. 

Included in the project is the proposed addition of roundabouts at the M-20/US-127 interchange. Adding the roundabouts will reduce congestion and safety. 

How Traffic Will Be Affected
Traffic will be maintained on M-20 at all times. Lane closures and traffic shifts will be required throughout the project. Some ramps may be detoured during interchange work. 

Safety Benefit
The M-20 pavement between Mission Street and US-127 is in poor condition. Rebuilding the road will result in a smoother driving surface. Additional improvements to utilities in the area will ensure proper drainage. The traffic signal at the intersection of M-20/Isabella Road will be modernized, which will improve the sight distance as motorists approach the signal. The addition of roundabouts at the M-20/US-127 interchange will address both congestion issues and potential safety concerns. 

Additional Information
M-20 Rebuilding Presentation
M-20/US-127 Roundabout Simulation Video

MDOT Mt. Pleasant Transportation Service Center
John Kelley, Cost and Scheduling Engineer