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I-75/I-69 Interchange Study

Start: Spring 2018    End: March 2020

What Is Being Done?

Infrastructure in the area of the I-75/I-69 Interchange is reaching the end of its service life. In preparation of reconstruction in the near future, MDOT is evaluating existing assets and traffic operations to determine the most effective way to replace the aging freeway system in the vicinity of the interchange. The final result of the study, to be completed by March 2020, will be a report detailing the best option for the interchange reconstruction. The report will include existing and anticipated information regarding traffic volumes, roadway geometrics, safety, and traffic operations, as well as a detailed estimate of costs and constructability.

How Traffic Will Be Affected:

Traffic will not be affected during this study phase of the project.

Safety Benefit:

Since the time when the interchange was originally constructed, standards for freeway construction have become more conservative. With the anticipation of designing for current standards and incorporating feedback from public input sessions, the future reconstruction of the interchange should produce a significant safety benefit.

Contact Us:

For questions or comments related to the I-75/I-69 Interchange Study, please contact:

Trevor Block, P.E.
MDOT Project Manager


Jocelyn Hall
MDOT Bay Region Communications Representative