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US-31/M-72 Rebuilding Project - Traverse City

Start: September 2023     End: November 2024

What Is Being Done?
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) plans to rebuild a 2-mile section of US-31/M-37/M-72 (Grandview Parkway/Front Street) in Traverse City in 2023 and 2024 from the US-31/M-37/M-72 west junction (Division Street) to just east of Garfield Road. This project will result in operational enhancements at the intersections of Division Street, Hall Street, Front Street, and Peninsula Drive, drainage improvements, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) review and upgrades, repairs to the Murchie Bridge over the Boardman River, and new signs and pavement markings.

How Traffic Will Be Affected
Current plans are to divide the project into two segments: one from Garfield Avenue to Front Street, and one from Front Street to Division Street. Work would begin on the eastern segment, detouring westbound traffic on Eighth Street and Railroad Avenue, with segment completion prior to National Cherry Festival. Following the festival, work would begin on the western segment, with lane closures and traffic shifts for both directions of traffic.

Safety Benefit
This project will improve safety at several intersections for all users of the highway, and make it more convenient and comfortable for crossing pedestrians and bicyclists.

Additional Information
MDOT has hosted two online stakeholder meetings and conducted an on-site meeting with Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation Trails, Inc. (TART) and Norte. There is a strong community desire to widen sidewalks, improve pedestrian crossing opportunities and extend/widen the TART Trail. To that end, MDOT is planning to add a pedestrian crossing at Peninsula Drive with an island refuge and slightly wider sidewalks (requires design exception for lane widths); adding a pedestrian crossing and improving geometry at Front Street (coordinating heavily with the city and the city's consultant); improving the pedestrian crossing at Division Street; and partnering with TART and the city to accommodate extending the trail to the east (Sunset Park, Hagerty Center and Senior Center) and widening where possible.

US-31/M-72 Presentation
2023 US-31/M-72/M-37 Project FAQs

Lucas Porath, Project Engineer