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Locate Us By Air
We are located on the airport's southeast ramp and have ample aircraft parking. Our UNICOM frequency is 122.87.

Schedule a Flight with Aeronautics
State agencies should contact Tammie Lewandowsky.

Aeronautics Administration
Mike Trout, 517-335-9568
Bryan Budds, 517-335-9841


 Aeronautics Area Phone
 Aircraft Registration, Flight Schools & Dealer Licenses   517-242-7771
 Airport Inspection Program  517-242-2936
 Airport & Manager Licensing, New & Temporary Landing Sites   517-242-2936
 Electronic Facilities  517-335-9237
 Emerging Aviation Systems  517-242-3430
 Executive/Commission  517-335-9568
 Flight Operations, Safety & Education  517-335-9986
 Grants & Contracts Unit  517-242-4968
 Planning & Economic Development  517-335-9949
 Project Management  517-242-8050
 Tall Structures  517-242-2494
 Zoning  517-281-7790