Men in Mentoring Toolkit

Recruiting male mentors is one of the biggest challenges programs report.  The majority of mentors have always been female while the majority of youth in need of a mentor have been male.  Programs have learned that traditional recruitment techniques do not seem to motivate the male audience to become mentors.  In order for children to have stable mentors in their lives the methods for recruiting men must change.

While recruitment is a statewide struggle, it is an issue that must be solved locally.  Men become mentors when they are personally recruited and specifically invited to join a program.  While national and statewide recruitment campaigns can reinforce what is said locally, a personal ask has proven to be the most effective method to recruit male mentors.

This tookit is designed to provide program staff and their trained mentor recruiters with language and tips to use when making the ask.  These materials take you through the steps to recruit male mentors in a variety of settings and addresses the main components of a complete recruitment message.

Complete Men in Mentoring Toolkit    

Components of a complete recruitment message    
Podcast - PART ONE - on the complete recruitment message    
Podcast - PART TWO - on the complete recruitment message  

Talking Points for Recruiting Younger Men    
Podcast for Recruiting Younger Men    

Talking Points for Recruiting Older Men    
Podcast on Recruiting Older Men    

Talking Points for Women Recruiting Men    
Podcast on Women Recruiting Men  

Talking Points for Religious Leaders Recruiting Men    
Podcast on Religious Leaders Recruiting Men    

Talking Points for Recruiter to Employer    
Podcast on Recruiter to Employer    

Talking Points for Employers Recruiting Male Employees  
Podcast on Employers Recruiting Male Employees  

Talking Points for Mentors Recruiting Men  
Podcast on Mentors Recruiting Men  

Steps for male volunteers after their applications are submitted.  

Men in Mentoring Toolkit PowerPoint  (PDF) - Please utilize this PowerPoint presentation on the "Men in Mentoring Toolkit" if you intend to share these materials with your organization's employees.

A CD of the above podcasts is also available.  If you would like a copy of the CD, please send an email to Jamie Wilson at  and provide your mailing address.

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Webinars: On April 28, 2010, Mentor Michigan was invited to present their Men in Mentoring Toolkit webinar on a national level for MENTOR.  The presentation, provided to 392 participants, centered on the types of language and tips to use when recruiting male mentors.  Information on how to recruit men in a variety of settings was also discussed.

If you'd like to view a recorded version of this webinar,  click here .

Additional Male Recruitment Materials

Mentor Michigan has created complimentary male recruitment materials for mentoring organizations to utilize.  Feel free to print and use these as needed.

Mentor Michigan Male Recruitment Flyer - black and white  (PDF)
Mentor Michigan Male Recruitment Flyer - blue and white  (PDF)
These flyers are also available in Publisher format.  If you'd like these versions, please email Jamie Wilson at .

Mentor Michigan Business Card - front  (PDF)
Mentor Michigan Business Card - front  (WORD)
Mentor Michigan Business Card - back  (WORD)