Thank Your Mentor Campaign, Celebrate Mentoring Month   

Linda Little

Join Mentor MIchigan+ to celebrate National Mentoring Month in January by thanking your mentor on social media. Showing appreciation to those who have helped you is a fantastic way to both inspire and encourage others to join the mentor movement. We need your help to lift up the stories of mentoring in Michigan. Gratitude is a powerful way to acknowledge the impact that another person has had on your life.

Please help us recognize the role volunteer mentors have played in improving the lives of youth in Michigan through the following steps: 

Step 1: Print off the poster with the statement “My Mentor…”

Download a poster from one of the following links and print it off (preferred).

8 X 11 PDF:

11 X 17 PDF:

If you are unable to print the poster, you can make your own poster using the phrase My Mentor…– we are all for original creativity!

Step 2: Finish the phrase “My Mentor…” on your Poster.

For example, you could write: 

“My Mentor believed in me when nobody else did.”

“My Mentor gave me excellent career advice.”

Step 3: Take a picture of yourself holding your “My Mentor…” poster.

Step 4: Upload your picture to social media

Share your poster on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  Make sure you tag and use the following: