Tips for Collaboration Between Mentoring Organizations

Collaborating with other mentoring programs, organizations, and businesses can help your agency operate more efficiently and effectively.  The Mentor Michigan Providers Council has compiled tips for working with collaboratives. 

Mentorship Collaboration…What's Working! (PDF)

Diversify Fundraising Strategies: Ensure Long-Term Program Sustainability (PDF)

Funding Proposal Preparation Guide (PDF) - Before you can implement a funding campaign with foundations and corporations, you need to be prepared.  First, you need to research your options.  Then, understand what needs to be in the proposal.  And last, write the proposal.  These guidelines are an overview of how to develop your fund proposal.

Secrets of Preparing Winning Fund Proposals (PDF)


Stages of Working Together: Networking to Collaboration (PDF)


Tips For Developing Relationships With Funders (PDF)