The National Agenda for Action: How to Close America's Mentoring Gap

Today, thanks to the commitment and dedication of mentoring advocates, 3 million young Americans are now enjoying mentoring's many benefits. That's a six-fold increase in formal mentoring relationships since the national mentoring movement galvanized the nation in the early 1990s. It's an impressive accomplishment. But, 15 million more young people who need mentors are awaiting their turn. They make up our nation's mentoring gap.

The National Agenda for Action was created to rectify this situation. It represents a comprehensive roadmap detailing the realistic steps necessary to bring the power of mentoring to all the young people of our nation who need mentors. As the product of an 18-month national conversation on mentoring, the agenda incorporates the input of hundreds of individuals representing every aspect of the mentoring field. Its recommendations were crafted by an exceptional group of leaders.

The National Agenda for Action is an actionable plan designed to overcome the impediments to growth and close the mentoring gap.