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Internship Program

Internship Program

  • Have summer plans?

  • Want to make some extra spending money?

  • Want to put the skills you’ve learned in college to practical use?

  • Want to gain valuable experience to add to your resume?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is looking for motivated and enthusiastic college students to participate in our internship program this summer. MGCB’s paid internship program is designed to provide students who may be interested in pursuing a career path in state government an opportunity to earn college credit and gain hands on experience to assist in their professional development.


To be eligible to participate in MGCB’s Internship program, students must have:

  • Current student status at an accredited college or university

  • Completed at least 30 semester (45 term) credit hours in an undergraduate program

  • GPA of 3.0 or above

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Internship Position Offerings

Casino Auditor Intern

This position will serve as a student assistant to the Auditors who conduct audits and reviews of licensed entities’ gaming operations pursuant to the provisions of the Gaming Control and Revenue Act, PA 69 of 1997, as amended, and Administrative Rules, utilizing gaming records, analysis of statistical data and the licensees’ internal control system. (Students will work at one of the Detroit commercial casinos and in accordance with the Gaming Control and Revenue Act persons entering the casino must be 21 years of age.)

Major Requirement: Accounting

Financial Analyst Intern

The position will serve as an Intern to the Financial Analysts in the Enterprise Licensing Section. This internship will help the student develop competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) needed for a career in this field. Interns will assist in providing systematic review, analysis, interpretation and/or evaluation of financial documents, including personal and business bank accounts, investment portfolios, net-worth statements, personal and business tax returns, and other financial data to determine the financial integrity of license applicants or licensees.

Major Requirement: Business-related; for example, Accounting or Finance

Indian Gaming Auditor Intern

In a learning capacity, this position assists the Indian Gaming Auditors in performing financial and compliance audits and/or reviews in accordance with the Tribal-State Compacts and related Consent Judgment.

Major Requirement: Accounting

Project Management Intern

This position will serve as a student assistant to the Infrastructure Security and Special Projects (IS&SP) section, which oversees the IT portfolio and projects for MGCB. This position will provide project management support to the section staff by monitoring and evaluating project(s) status and reporting to management, coordinating and scheduling meetings, transcribing meeting minutes and action items and providing any other support deemed necessary.  The position also will provide support generally to all those involved in the projects managed by the section.  This position will help the student develop competencies needed for a career in management, project management or security.

Major Requirement: Business Administration, Computer Science, Project Management or Management

Regulation Officer Intern

This position will support the Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act of 1997 and Administrative Rules, the Horse Racing Law of 1995 and Administrative Rules, and the Traxler-McCauley-Law-Bowman Bingo Act of 1972 and Administrative Rules, by assisting Regulation Officers who perform a full range of regulatory assignments related to gaming; casino, supplier, vendor, and employee licensing; horse racing operations; and charitable gaming (Millionaire Party).

Major Requirement: Criminal Justice

To Apply

Interested applicants should check the State of Michigan Job Openings website for open MGCB internship positions.

To be notified when internship positions become available, click the link above and then select “Job Alerts”. Next, select “Internship” as a job category and enter your personal information.

MGCB conducts a credit check, personal background screening, and criminal background check including fingerprints and drug testing on all intern applicants. Interns are prohibited from gaming in the State of Michigan’s commercial casinos, Native American gaming facilities, Millionaire Party charitable gaming events, and race tracks. Wagering on the results of live and simulcast horse races at licensed racing events in the State of Michigan is also prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the salary?

MGCB interns are classified by the Civil Service Commission as Student Assistants. This is a paid internship.  Click here for the current salary range. (Located at the bottom of the page.) 

Is there a GPA requirement or number of successfully completed credit hours?

Candidates must have completed at least 30 semester (45 term) credit hours in an undergraduate program and earned a GPA of 3.0 or higher to qualify for an internship position.

How do I find out about available positions?

Open positions are posted to the State of Michigan Job Opportunities website. Click here to access. MGCB also provides internship program information to various university/college career centers.

Where are the internships located?

Internship positions are located at one of the following MGCB offices:

            Cadillac Place

            3062 W. Grand Blvd., Suite L-700
            Detroit MI 48202

            Lottery Building

            101 E. Hillsdale Street

            Lansing, MI 48933

Also, some intern positions’ official workstation will be located inside one of the three Detroit casinos.

As an intern, will I be allowed to obtain employment with a casino or a supplier after my internship has concluded?

MGCB employees, including interns, may not and will not acquire any direct or indirect interest in, employment by, or contract with any person or legal entity that is licensed by the MGCB, that has an application for license pending before the MGCB, or that owns or operates a casino enterprise, as defined by the Act, while you are employed by the MGCB and for a period of two (2) years after the date your employment with the MGCB is terminated.

Will this internship qualify for academic credit?

MGCB is willing to sign-off on successfully completed work assignments and/or projects to allow for the qualification for academic credit. It will be the intern’s responsibility to obtain and file the proper paperwork with their university for the credit to be awarded.

Do you accept international students?

MGCB will consider candidates who are legally eligible to obtain employment within the United States.

What time of year is the Internship Program offered? How many hours a week are available?

Most of the posting for internship program openings will be in the fall to attract students for the summer months. The length of the internship and the number of hours will be at the discretion of the hiring managers, The number of hours worked each week cannot exceed 29 in accordance with Civil Service Regulation 3.02 “Student Assistants and other Noncareer Employees”.

Will there be an opportunity to turn my internship into a full-time career with MGCB?

MGCB fills positions based on operational needs. An internship with MGCB does not guarantee you will be offered a full-time position. However, MGCB is always looking for new talent to add to our growing workforce. Your experience as an intern will provide valuable experience if you wish to be considered as a candidate for open positions.

What is the salary range for full-time degreed positions within the State of Michigan in my major or area of concentration?

Salaries for State of Michigan positions can be found on the Civil Service Commission website. Click here to access.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Contact Human Resources for more information:

Detroit: Lakistsha Lynch
Phone: (313)456-3788

Lansing: Melissa Hamp
Phone: (517) 241-0174