Civilian Conservation Corps Museum

  • The trail through the CCC area.The CCC Museum, located at North Higgins Lake State Park, tells the story of the CCC in Michigan, and its role in providing work to young men during the Great Depression.
  • A historical marker at the CCC museum site.Among the many achievements of the Michigan CCC men were planting 484 million trees, as told by the historical marker on the museum grounds.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Museum camp houseThe museum immerses visitors in the life of the CCC men, showing how they lived and worked at the camp.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Museum memento displayMany personal mementos from former CCC members are displayed at the CCC Museum at North Higgins Lake State Park.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Museum exhibitThe museum exhibits tell the story of the men who worked for the CCC in the 1930s and 1940s in Michigan. The men completed many major conservation projects across the state.

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