Fayette Historic Townsite

  • Fayette Historic Townsite view from the harbor in autumnThe Fayette Historic Townsite includes 20 historic buildings, exhibits, a walking tour and scenic overlooks.
  • Historic buildings at FayetteFayette has 20 preserved buildings and structures. Eleven buildings house museum exhibits and are open to the public, including the hotel, machine shop, company office, town hall, and residences.
  • A close-up of a kiln at Fayette.A massive blast furnace still stands on the site, and is part of the well-preserved history of this former 19th century industrial site.
  • Furnace complex at FayetteFayette is a living museum, telling the story of a company town in the 19th century, nestled on the Garden Peninsula in the central Upper Peninsula.
  • Dolomite bluffs at FayetteThe limestone bluffs on Snail Shell Harbor were mined for use in the blast furnaces.
  • Exhibit with clothing and toys, part of the children's exhibit at Fayette Historic Townsite.Exhibits at Fayette focus on life in a company town, including what it was like to grow up there. At its height, half the population of Fayette was children.