Hartwick Pines Logging Museum

  • Tools inside the logging museum at Hartwick Pines State ParkHartwick Pines' exhibits include several of the tools that shanty boys used during Michigan's lumbering days, including axes, saws and hammers. Summer visitors can try their hand with the cross-saw.
  • Bowls, rolling pin, stove and cooking supplies in the cooking area of the logging museum at Hartwick Pines State Park.Visitors can see the cook's shanty, where the lumbermen's breakfast and dinner were prepared and served.
  • Exhibit inside the logging museum shows checker board, broom, buckets, inside Hartwick Pines State ParkIt wasn't all work in the logging camps. Play a game of checkers on the homemade checker boards. Also see the work that "chore boys" did in the camps such as sweeping the floors and hauling buckets of water with the neck yoke.
  • Big Wheels used for logging at Hartwick Pines State ParkOutdoor exhibits of large logging equipment include the logging wheels, log sled, and road building equipment. The Michigan logging wheels, better known as "Big Wheels," made popular in Michigan when logging became a year-round industry.
  • Visitors stand around a dutch over at the outdoor cooking demonstration at Hartwick Pines State ParkThroughout the summer and at some special programs, the museum hosts camp cooking demonstrations, where visitors can see and smell some of the food that the shanty boys ate for their breakfast and dinner.