Sanilac Petroglyphs

  • Woman standing at the edge of the outcropping at Sanilac PetroglyphsThe petroglyphs are a mystery, yet give us a glimpse into the lives of an ancient Native American people who once occupied Michigan's Thumb area.
  • Spiral carving on rock at Sanilac PetroglyphsThe spiral motif is found numerous times carved into the sandstone rock. There is no consensus of what the spiral represents.
  • Native American carvings at Sanilac Petroglyphs; shows a human, birds, handprintsThis cluster of different carvings shows a human figure in the center, a representation of a bird on the left, hand prints, and birds in flight.
  • Thunderbird carving at Sanilac PetroglyphsThe Thunderbird is a common motif in many Native American societies, including those of the Great Lakes. It was a mythical bird that could create thunder, clouds and lightening, and control rainfall.
  • Cass River at Sanilac PetroglyphsThe North fork of the Cass River flows through the property of the Sanilac Petroglyphs State Historic Park. This waterway first brought the Anishinaabe (Ojibwa) people to the area and evidence of campsites along the river has been found.

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