Admission Fee FAQ

The Michigan History Museum admission fee supports the museum's education programs, visitor services, exhibits and public programs. The museum's business model relies on supplementing state funding with earned revenue, grants and private support. If you don't find the answer to your question on this page, please send us an email.

What is the admission charge?

The following shows individual admission charges for visitors to the Michigan History Museum.

Adults (18+) - $6 ($4, if eligible for discounted admission - see below)
Seniors (65+) - $4
Youth (6-17) - $2
Children up to 5 years - Free

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Where do I pay for admission to the Michigan History Museum?

You can pay your museum admission at the admissions desk located under the archway that leads to the Michigan History Museum and Archives of Michigan (east wing of the Michigan Library and Historical Center).

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How do I pay for museum admission?

You can pay your museum admission using cash, check (payable to "State of Michigan") or credit card.

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I already pay for parking at the museum. Why am I asked to pay admission?

The museum parking lot is administered by the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, which uses parking fees for parking lot maintenance and improvements. The Michigan History Museum does not receive any money from parking fees. See museum location and parking information.

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I am a classroom teacher/homeschool educator who likes to bring my students to the museum for field trips and education programs. How does the admission impact our visits?

There's good news for the thousands of educators who bring an estimated 70,000 students to the Michigan History Museum on field trips every year. Up to five adults, plus one classroom teacher/homeschool educator, get in free with every registered school group; other adults pay $4 each and children ages 6-17 pay $2 each. To register your group please call the Capital Tour Service at 517-373-2353. We have information for teachers looking for help for field trip costs.

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How can I save on admission to the Michigan History Museum?

There are several ways to save on admission to the Michigan History Museum. Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

* Become a supporting member of the Michigan History Center
* Visit the Michigan History Museum on Sundays—all visitors get free admission, free parking.

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Is there a group discount on the admission fee?

Yes. When a group consists of at least 20 adults, those adults receive discounted adult admission. This discount is not for school groups.

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Can I combine my eligible discounts to save more money on admission?

No. Only one eligible discount may be used for a museum admission.

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Is there an admission charge for visiting the Library of Michigan or the Archives of Michigan?

No. Although the Library of Michigan and the Archives of Michigan are both housed in the same building as the Michigan History Museum, library and archives visitors will not be charged admission.

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Updated 02/21/2019