The Friends of Michigan History

The Friends of Michigan History is a group of diverse people united by a deep interest in Michigan's past. Through members' action and support, the Friends ensure that our rich Michigan heritage will remain a vibrant source of study and enjoyment for future generations.

Who needs Friends?

The Michigan History Center—the only organization devoted to collecting, preserving and interpreting Michigan's past—needs all the Friends it can get. The Friends of Michigan History provide much needed resources helping ensure continued excellence at the Michigan History Center, through educational and other programs within the Michigan History Museum System and the Archives of Michigan, including:

  • annual veterans tribute
  • Archaeology Day
  • The BIG History Lesson
  • community outreach Programs for special populations
  • history day camp

How do Friends help?


The Friends of Michigan History use knowledge and contacts to:

  • Acquire artifacts for Michigan History Museum collections and exhibits
  • Conserve documents, photographs and maps for the Archives of Michigan
  • Sponsor education programs for children and adults
  • Promote interpretive and living history programs

What is a Friend's commitment?


Being involved with the Friends of Michigan History is a clear and meaningful expression of your deep commitment to preserving Michigan's past. You may wish to attend Friends meetings, or become active in program planning or sponsorship. The level of involvement is up to you.

Updated 01/20/2015