Michigan History Museum - MSU Science Festival: Michigan in the Air

Date:  April 08, 2021  
Time:  06:00 PM - 06:30 PM
Location: Online only - Watch the "Michigan in the Air" presentation on Zoom
Contact: Tobi Voigt, Engagement Director 517-898-6067

A tan 1957 Plymouth Fury is mounted on the wall of the Auto Show Gallery

You can find science anywhere - even in a history museum! That's why we are happy to participate once again in the MSU Science Festival.

Join Michigan History Museum educator Christine McCreedy as she explores the relationship between "Space-Age" technology and design that produced cars that looked like rockets in the mid 20th century. Plus, in this virtual presentation, she'll suggest hands-on activities and experiments to help you learn about aerodynamics and propulsion.

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Updated 03/22/2021