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MHTC Debuts Standardized Data Categories List

Human trafficking-related data and numbers remain incomplete or elusive, negatively impacting survivors, service provision, funding, and overall understanding of the issue of trafficking.

To address this gap in data, the Data Committee within the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission has created a Standardized Data Categories List for Michigan.

The Committee has worked on determining data categories, making them succinct and inclusive, and tying them to federal data collection terminology for agencies providing services to human trafficking survivors. 

The Standardized Data Categories List guides service providers in identifying useful information to track. Ultimately the list lead to opportunities for the Commission to gather and publish human trafficking-related statistics for Michigan. Furthermore, this annually aggregated data will be used by the Commission to further its goals and objectives and may be utilized by the public when applying for various funding on a state-wide level.

To make submission faster, please use the online form located on the Commission's Data Collection page

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