• Good things happen when you get there together.
  • How Do You Get to Work?

    The information on this Web site can help with ideas, options, and links to many local organizations that encourage Michigan residents, employees and employers to try little changes that can make a big difference. Don't believe us? Just read and explore.

  • Smarter Commuting is Important

    When millions of us get into our vehicles alone every day, the resultsPeople riding the bus are pretty predictable: we spend lots of money on gas, clog up the roads, spend time doing something we don't enjoy very much, pollute the air and water, and often get frustrated by all of it. THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

    Small Changes Make a Big Difference

    We live in the state that brought the automobile to the world. So thinking about leaving your vehicle at home and choosing another way to travel can be a little scary. That's natural. But People carpooling together lots of people are doing it every day. All you need is some information, some connections, and a willingness to try. If we all used a different way to get around even one day a week, the results would be - well, they'd be grand. We'd all be happier, healthier, and we'd have a few more dollars in our pockets. That's why we say that good things will happen with alternative commuting. That's a promise.

    Save Money and Get in Shape

    People joggingGasoline expenditures, physical inactivity, and long commutes are hurting Michigan's economy. It's easy to see that smart commuting options can boost Michigan's bottom line.

    Find a Resource in Your Area

    People riding their bikesClick on the menu option at the left for your desired mode of transportation to learn about resources in your area.