Michigan tribal representatives join EGLE on Kalamazoo River paddle survey

Eric Kerney and Robert Williams, both of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi, and Derek Haroldson of EGLE on a Kalamazoo River paddle survey. Credit: NHBP

Eric Kerney, of the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi, highlights tribal participation in a paddle survey on the Kalamazoo River with EGLE staff.

EGLE's unique renewable energy ordinance database of Michigan communities is first of its kind in nation

Group of solar panels.

The database is part of EGLE's commitment to document how communities incorporate energy into their master plans.

At-home pollution prevention tactics can be healthy, reduce energy bills and boost the local economy

Reusable bag containing plastic water bottles for recycling

The focus of Pollution Prevention Week is on preventing pollution at home by incorporating activities into daily routines that reduce, reuse, and recycle waste.

SepticSmart Week puts focus on 1.3 million septic systems in Michigan

SepticSmart seal

SepticSmart Week focuses on educating homeowners and communities on the proper care and maintenance of their septic systems.

Michigan EGLE launches Facebook page

Find Us on Facebook graphic

EGLE Facebook joins Twitter and LinkedIn as avenues to engage Michiganders on EGLE's work to protect the environment and public health.

Recycling offers many returns, including cheaper products and less greenhouse gas

Mixed bottle cullet, recycled glass crushed and ready for remelting in another product

EGLE is hoping that more Michiganders will make the connection between how their recycling habits can help manufacturers operate more efficiently and reduce their carbon output.

As invasive European frog-bit spreads, boaters reminded to 'Clean, Drain and Dry'

EGLE Aquatic Biologist Tom Alwin removes European frog-bit from water

The invasive aquatic plant has been found in the lower Lincoln River in Mason County.

Drones help EGLE accomplish mission, avoid bald eagles in 2021

Tom Gauthier of EGLE's AQD staff using a drone to measure site specific meteorological data

The drone program at EGLE continues to assess and protect Michigan's environment in new and innovative ways.

Michigan's air quality continues to improve, report shows

Cover of 2020 Air Quality Annual Report

The report shows pollutant levels in Michigan have continued to decrease since the 1970s, when monitoring of outdoor air began.

Michigan's Voluntary Wetland Restoration program is streamlining the permit process

Wetlands project in Lenawee County -- after (August 2013)

The Voluntary Wetland Restoration program -- a joint effort of EGLE and DNR -- is streamlining the permit process.

U.P. lake site of experiment to improve recovery of 'benthos' organisms

Aerial view of Torch Lake in Keweenaw County in the Upper Peninsula

Torch Lake in Keweenaw County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the site of an experiment to improve the abundance and diversity of benthos organisms.

Historic high waters: State, federal and local partners collaborate on coordinated response to rising water levels

DNR moves pavilion from shore at Orchard Beach State Park in Manistee

In late 2019, local emergency managers and EGLE began to coordinate and restructure internal processes to help with emergency permit reviews for residential and municipal property protection.

Environmental emergency preparedness and response focus of EGLE webinar series

Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Webinar Series banner graphicThe focus of a new EGLE webinar series is helping business, industry, government, and the spill response community understand the complexities of preparing for and responding to large-scale environmental incidents.

Feet on the Street program positively reinforces proper recycling in Washtenaw County

Person placing cardboard into recycling bin part of Feet on the Street program in Washtenaw County

The Feet on the Street program is intended to help communities achieve economically efficient recycling programs, reduce the number of new resources used in packaging, and improve the cleanliness of communities.

EGLE director joins staff in Cass River watershed to assess water quality by conducting fish and macroinvertebrate surveys

EGLE Director Clark (r) and Aaron Keatley in waders standing in river holding fish.EGLE Director Liesl Clark, and Aaron Keatley, chief deputy director of the department, donned chest waders recently as they joined staffers in Vassar to assess the warm water fishery and macroinvertebrates there.

New hazardous waste 101 video joins other EGLE Classroom resources

Screenshot from EGLE Classroom video on hazardous waste A new EGLE Classroom video describing what is a hazardous waste under Michigan's environmental regulations is the latest free resource made available by EGLE.

New story map looks at electric vehicle fast-chargers funded partly by EGLE

Chevy Bolt electric vehicle using a fast-charger at Meijer in East LansingEGLE's latest story map provides an update on the Charge Up Michigan program for fast-charging electric vehicles.

Campgrounds are in demand. Make sure yours is licensed.

Tent lit up at night at campground at Big Bear lake Credit: DNRIt's wise to make sure the site where you'll be pitching a tent, setting up your camper or reserving a cabin is licensed to operate.

Look for signs of invasive Asian longhorned beetle during Tree Check Month in August

Adult Asian longhorned beetleEGLE has joined with MDARD and the DNR to ask people to check trees around homes for the Asian longhorned beetle or any signs of the damage it causes.

EGLE expands PFAS testing to include surface water, groundwater, wastewater and soil

New PFAS testing equipment like that at EGLE laboratory.New equipment at EGLE's laboratory will expand testing for PFAS to surface water, ground water, wastewater, and soil.

EGLE grant helps revitalize blighted, former fueling facility in Bad Axe

Redeveloped building on former contaminated site in Bad Axe.An EGLE brownfield redevelopment grant will protect residents and revitalize a former fueling station in Bad Axe.

Story map showcases innovative way to control demolition dust at McLouth Steel site in Trenton

Water misting limits asbestos dust at former McLouth Steel siteEGLE's latest story map looks at an innovative method used to minimize demolition dust at the former McLouth Steel site.

Abandoned boats in Michigan lakes pose environmental hazards if not removed

Partially sunken abandoned boat in waterThere's been a steady increase in the number of sunken, abandoned boats in Michigan lakes over the years.

Fighting for Lake Erie

Person holding Lake Erie algae sample in glass container. Credit: MDARDMichigan is making progress in finding solutions to the Lake Erie algal bloom and dead zone problems.

Rain garden project in Plymouth parking lot is 'gold standard'

Person planting a rain garden at Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex The rain gardens in a parking lot in Plymouth have been called the gold standard when it comes to directing rainwater.

Settling for a silver medal, thanks to dog manure

Shoreland Stewards sign in front of lake propertyThe Shoreland Steward survey assesses good waterfront management practices.

EGLE staffers busy sampling surface waters to assess Michigan's water quality

EGLE biologist sampling for aquatic insectsEGLE biologists, toxicologists, and engineers pull on their waders every summer to assess Michigan's water quality.

Lakebed 2030 initiative provides a vision for a comprehensive mapping of Great Lakes bottomlands

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. maritime autonomous underwater vehicle used to map bottomlands Credit: Kongsberg MesotechThe Lakebed 2030 project will produce a definitive map of the Great Lakes' bottomlands.

Not all algae blooms are harmful and some look-alikes harmless

DuckweedWhile some algae are indeed harmful, there are look-alikes that cause people to be concerned.

Flint records lowest lead levels in drinking water since creation of stricter state standards

EGLE Director Clark joined Flint Mayor Neeley at media event announcing lead levels in drinking waterEGLE has announced that the City of Flint's water system has met state and federal standards for lead in drinking water for five years in a row.

Fast Five with Christine Grossman, winner of national EPA award for helping small business

Christine Grossman headshotEGLE's Christine Grossman received a national award from the EPA for outstanding work in providing technical assistance to small businesses in Michigan.

SAW grant program aids St. Clair County landfill

Septage Receiving Station at Smiths Creek Landfill, St. Clair CountyEGLE's Stormwater, Asset Management and Wastewater grant program has proved critical to the success of financially strapped communities.

Trash and trees don't mix -- help protect Michigan's forests

Person picking up trash in the woods Credit: PixabayIf you want to help care for the wild places you love, join Adopt-a-Forest.

Progress being made to remove stamp sands in Keweenaw Peninsula affecting Buffalo Reef in Lake Superior

Wave action has slowly moved stamp sands from along the shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula into Lake Superior and inundated Buffalo Reef. Legacy contaminants such as copper mine tailings from mines are migrating  due to wave action on the Lake Superior shoreline and inundating Buffalo Reef.

Subscribe to EGLE's GovDelivery lists to keep up to date on work to protect the environment and public health

Screen shot of GovDelivery subscription webpageEGLE has over 70 email subscription lists available to keep up to date on a variety of environmental topics.

When dust happens, EGLE'S Air Quality Division is there

Dust emitted from industrial equipmentEGLE's Air Quality Division regulates industrial sources of air pollution, including the dust that is emitted.

Meet EGLE's Dam Safety Unit staff, which oversees more than 1,100 dams in Michigan

With more staff, the Dam Safety Unit will be able to double its efforts, perform more inspections and allow for a continued focus on enforcement and compliance issues.

Wetlands Map Viewer: Making Wetlands Geospatial Data Accessible

A trove of information about Michigan's wetlands is available through the EGLE's Wetlands Map Viewer.

E. coli monitoring underway as 2021 recreation season heats up

E. Coli testing sign in Cadillac, Michigan This year, EGLE is monitoring over 140 sites on rivers throughout the state for E. coli to determine if the water is safe for recreation and to help identify pollution sources.

Before summer travel, check your tires to stay safe and protect the environment

National Tire Safety Week 2021 graphic with car on roadProper tire maintenance saves lives, improves performance and helps the environment.

Enjoy fireworks safely and dispose of them properly

Lit sparklerFireworks contain dangerous chemicals that can spark fires and improper disposal can put waste collection workers at risk.

Fast Five with Cheri Collard, EGLE's new social media strategist

Cheri Collard headshotCheri Collard, EGLE's new social media strategist, joins MI Environment for this Fast Five edition on Social Media Day.

New federal regulatory framework is proposed to control unwanted travelers found in ballast water of ships plying the Great Lakes

Ballast water has been the primary pathway for non-native aquatic species to become established in the Great Lakes basin.

Story map highlights work taking place around the state to rehabilitate important fish spawning habitat

A diver collects samples on a rock reefA new story map looks at the stressors on Great Lakes reefs, including aquatic invasive species.

New types of technology help monitor Michigan beaches for harmful pathogens

Two individuals conduct beach monitoring in MichiganMonitoring Michigan waters for harmful pathogens to protect beachgoers is conducted across the state by local health officials working in collaboration with EGLE.

New tools, planning help coastal communities strive and thrive in light of constant change

Public comments tabulated on City of Trenton zoning ordinance session. (Credit: Beckett Raeder Inc.) EGLE's Coastal Management Program has partnered with others to develop strategic approaches that increase the knowledge of municipal planners and officials about community resilience.

Newly planted oak trees in Portland State Game Area will memorialize beloved EGLE colleague

Duane RoskoskeyMembers of EGLE's Materials Management Division cleared trash and invasive plants and planted 25 oak trees earlier this year in memory of fellow team member Duane Roskoskey.

Many resources available to celebrate Michigan's Great Lakes and fresh water assets all year long

Lake Huron near CasevilleEven though Great Lakes and Fresh Water Week is officially over, that doesn't mean we should turn our focus away from our five Great Lakes and more than 11,000 other bodies of water.

Webinar to focus on how tire maintenance keeps you safe, helps the environment

Car tire being inflated with air.The summer driving season is here, and one way to stay safe and help the environment as you drive is proper tire maintenance.

School's out: EGLE Classroom is in session

EGLE Classroom logoSchool is out for many Michigan students but EGLE Classroom is available any time.

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community takes historic step toward developing water quality standards that contribute to community wellbeing

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community members at clean-up event in 2019.The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community took a historic step toward setting independent surface water quality standards for the lakes, rivers and streams that are a key part its identity.

Green Jobs: Michigan's new Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry plants seeds for continued economic growth

Group of kayakers in red kayaks on the water.The outdoor recreation industry in Michigan supports more than 120,000 jobs.

With significant strides made in 2020, focus now is on keeping momentum going to protect and restore Great Lakes

EGLE Director Liesl Clark on the shores of a Great LakeMichigan made significant strides in 2020 and will keep the momentum going in 2021 to protect and restore the Great Lakes.

EGLE Lake Superior coordinator recalls exciting time assisting scientists on EPA's Lake Guardian research vessel

Stephanie Swart helps analyze water samples collected by this device aboard the EPA's Lake GuardianEGLE's Stephanie Swart spent a week on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Lake Guardian vessel assisting scientists and others in 2017.

EGLE story map looks at results of COVID-19 wastewater monitoring pilot project

Two individuals place an autosampler for COVID-19 wastewater testing at Wayne State University EGLE has developed a dashboard to display data from the COVID-19 wastewater monitoring pilot project and created a story map.

Where does EGLE' s budget money go? More than half is returned back to communities, as new grants and loans dashboard shows

Lead line removal EGLE recently unveiled a new Grants and Loans Dashboard that shows exactly where the funding goes.

EGLE Success Story: Ludington splash pad's chlorinated wastewater stays out of the lake, kids will enjoy fun in the sun all summer

Jake Riley at the Ludington Splash Pad to check on enhancements made to the site's drainage systemEGLE's Jake Riley inspected the site and consulted with city's planners and contractor about how to handle the wastewater discharge.

With swimming pool season near, EGLE provides tips to protect against illness

Boy wearing goggles in swimming pool.Taking sensible precautions can help ensure a safe and healthy swimming pool environment.

Information Management Division director details 'small but mighty' staff working to launch new web presence, increase transparency

Headshot of Brad Pagratis, director of EGLE's Information Management DivisionThe staff of EGLE's Information Management Division is "small but mighty," says the division's director.

EGLE detective charges into swamp, crawls through wrecked vehicle to save a life

Holly Pennoni stands in gray Conservation Officer uniform against the backdrop of an American flagHolly Pennoni credits her emergency training and equipment with providing her the skills and tools she need to remain focused during the chaos.

Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist, EGLE Director Clark mark flooding anniversary with community clean-up event

EGLE Director Liesl Clark in front of Sanford Strong signEGLE Director Liesl Clark joined Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist and others at a clean-up event in Sanford.

Dam Safety Unit increases staff to oversee about 1,100 structures across the state

Luke Trumble checks the downstream side of a dam in Stony Creek MetroPark in Macomb CountyIn the year since the dam failures, EGLE has created a standalone Dam Safety Unit with five full-time equivalent staff and a budget of $700,000.

New EGLE office helps to sustain communities along the Great Lakes through the lens of Environmental Justice

Steel plant in Detroit in the distance.The work of the Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate addresses impacts on communities that are economically disadvantaged and continue to be disproportionally affected by cumulative effects of past environmental degradation.

Five important resources for information about dam safety in Michigan and the 2020 dam failures

exposed bottomlands after our completed emergency work to lower the spillway on the Tobacco River side of the Edenville dam.The Edenville and Sanford dams failed one year ago this week, raising awareness of dams across Michigan and the state's role in regulating the structures in Michigan.

Number of wetland banks in Michigan growing

Aerial view of wetland bank The number of public and private wetland bank sites in Michigan has increased by leaps and bounds since the first one was established in 1999.

Clean Water Champion: State rallies to meet challenge of neglected infrastructure in Michigan

Workers install an underground pipe in KalamazooThe costs for infrastructure maintenance, repair or replacement are a financial commitment to ensure facilities can continue serving residents efficiently and safely.

NextCycle Michigan to spark the state's 'recycling and recovery' economy

Screen shot from NextCycle Michigan virtual news conferenceEGLE says the largest collaborative effort in state history will spark the state's "recycling and recovery" economy.

What's next after Drinking Water Awareness Week?

Screen shot of Liesl Clark, EGLE Director, from Drinking Water Awareness Week 2021As Drinking Water Awareness Week concludes, it is important to reflect on the work needed to achieve a healthy water future for Michigan.

Build a cleaner campfire for a better s'more

Hotdogs cooking over a campfire.Air Quality Awareness Week reminds us to keep campfires safe and clean by carefully choosing what they're made from.

Volunteer for MiCorps today as a citizen scientist to track the health of lakes and streams across Michigan

Volunteers take water samples from their lake as part of the MiCorpsThe MiCorps program is always looking for residents to participate in Michigan's premier volunteer lake and stream monitoring effort.

Help make a difference on Michigan's lakes and streams by monitoring water bodies near you

MiCorps Chippewa- Volunteers looking for aquatic insects in the Volunteer Stream Monitoring ProgramToday's MiCorps story is the first of two that looks at this volunteer program that collects important information needed to make data-driven decisions about how to protect and improve Michigan's beautiful lakes and streams.

Reduce your potential exposure to lead by using only cold tap water for cooking and food prep

Use cold water for cooking, not hot.The potential for lead in water increases when hot tap water is used instead of your cold tap water for cooking and meal preparation.

Private residential well owners need to protect their drinking water and health with regular inspections, maintenance

Be well water healthy! Get your private residential well water tested.As part of Private Residential Well Awareness Day, MI Environment looks at the importance of properly maintaining residential wells.

Sowing the future of food scrap recycling: Best practices from Emmet County's commercial food scrap program

Food scraps, including eggshells, fruits and vegetablesEmmet County provides a model that highlights the potential of improved food recovery and collection.

Expanding recycling access brought in thousands of new customers to Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority

Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority's recycling processing system. Credit: FireRoverThe Marquette County Michigan Solid Waste Management Authority upgraded the facility to a regional single stream one capable of serving not only the County's 65,000 residents, but potentially the entire region's population.

EGLE's Clean Water Public Advocate to become Michigan Infrastructure Council's executive director

Screenshot of Ninah Sasy from State of Michigan Good News video

Sasy, who will become the Michigan Infrastructure Council's executive director, was recently featured in a video where she discusses her role and the work she has done creating programs building around community feedback and engagement.

Most public drinking water supplies are meeting new PFAS standards

PFAS samples in test tubes at EGLE labEGLE recently announced that most of the 2,700 municipal and other large drinking water systems are meeting the state's new standards limiting PFAS in public drinking water supplies.

51 ideas to celebrate Earth Day

Planet Earth viewed from spaceFifty-one years later Earth Day continues to be celebrated as a means to keep a focus on critical environmental issues facing humankind.

Alcona, Charlotte schools, winners of Environmental Service Award Competition

Charlotte High School project that won 2021 Earth Day Environmental Service AwardStudents at Charlotte High School and Alcona Middle School are the winners of a competition for impactful projects that benefit Michigan's plants, wildlife and ecosystems.

Earth Day webinar on April 22 geared toward students and educators

Workers on Dickinson County rubber road projectEGLE is livestreaming a 40-minute webinar for students and educators on Earth Day, April 22.

Show you love Michigan's lakes and rivers with a water quality specialty license plate

Sample Protecting Our Waters license plageShow off your passion while helping to fund water-related programs is to buy a water quality specialty license plate.

After almost two years, stretch of county road in the U.P. using rubber from scrap tires performing well

Workers on Dickinson County rubber road projectWith two winters of experience in the history books, lab experiments on County Road 607 in Dickinson County show the performance of the materials has improved.

Expanding composting operations: City of Ann Arbor's green and food waste recycling program

Aerial view of Ann Arbor's composting operationsAnn Arbor's composting program is now stronger than ever and demonstrates the value of public-private partnerships.

Public interest high in EGLE's new public map and data webpage

Maps & Data webpage bannerFor the first time, EGLE has gathered all its public maps and data in one easy to access location.

Fast Five with Abigail Hendershott, new MPART executive director

Abigail Hendershott headshotAbigail Hendershott, new Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) executive director, joins MI Environment for this Fast Five edition.

Asbestos removal continues: Over 40,000 notifications a year

Screenshot from asbestos video showing EGLE staffer Joe Goeddeke during an inspectionAs National Asbestos Awareness Week is observed this week, MI Environment highlights EGLE's asbestos work.

Cooking more at home? Try composting your food waste

EGLE staffer placing coffee grounds into compost bin at home.If you are cooking at home more frequently, now is good time to consider taking up home composting.

EGLE's U.P. 'rock library' relocates 22,0000 boxes of drilling cores and cuttings to new location in Gwinn

Sign in front of Upper Peninsula Geological RespositoryThe Upper Peninsula Geological Repository is essentially a "rock library," in which samples are organized and made available upon request to researchers to conduct geologic studies.

EGLE director addresses Women in Leadership Climate Summit

EGLE Director Liesl Clark addresses the virtual Women in Leadership Climate Summit.As Women's History Month ends, MI Environment highlights EGLE Director Liesl Clark's remarks at the Women in Leadership Climate Summit.

EGLE launches Resilient Coast website to help communities cope with Great Lakes shoreline changes

Outline of the state of Michigan from spaceThe Michigan Coastal Management Program is helping coastal communities become more resilient to the dynamic conditions that come with living, working, and playing on the shores of the Great Lakes.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources marks 100 years of conservation success

Campers in tents at Mackinac Island State Park - Michigan's first state parkHere at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) we still have feelings for our ex. And we're not afraid to show them.

Return of the Contest

Contest shipwreck unearthed in WhitehallA once mysterious ship with an unlucky past has returned to the Lake Michigan shoreline.

New EGLE chloride water quality values aim to protect surface waters impacted by road salt, other wastewater discharges

MDOT snow plow/salt truckEGLE at the end of February finalized a Chloride and Sulfate Water Quality Values Implementation Plan.

Tobacco River flow restored as major work is completed to lower Edenville Dam spillway

Aerial view of newly exposed bottomlands upstream of the modified Tobacco River spillwayThe major portion of work to restore the Tobacco River to its natural course is now complete, as a new story map shows.

EGLE launches Michigan Environmental Health and Drinking Water Information System, Release 2.0

Timeline of Michigan Environmental Health and Drinking Water Information System Rollout

EGLE recently launched the Michigan Environmental Health and Drinking Water information System, a multi-year project to modernize many of EGLE's Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division's existing information systems into one web-based application.

EGLE's Air Quality Division releases latest story map: 2020 Year in Review

EGLE staffer wearing mask and hard hat at industrial site.

If you are interested in the "By the Numbers" editions of MI Environment, you will love the release of the Air Quality Division's Year in Review for 2020.

What's next after Fix-a-Leak Week?

Fix-a-Leak Week Next Steps for Michigan graphic

Fix-a-Leak week is drawing to a close, but Michigan's Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate will continue to prioritize water conservation efforts.

Webinar to highlight water conservation, repair success stories in disadvantaged communities

Fix a Leak Week Webinar Repairing Water Leaks in Disadvantaged Communities March 18, 2021 12 noon to 12:45 p.m.

EGLE is featuring a webinar on March 18 that will share success stories and lessons learned from water conservation and access repair programs in disadvantaged communities.

Tips on how to reduce water and energy use

Water and Energy Conservation Focus on Water Initiative PowerPoint Cover Slide

As part of Fix a Leak Week, MI Environment is highlighting water and energy conservation tips.

Fast Five with Liz Browne, EGLE's new Materials Management Division director

Headshot of Elizabeth Browne

Elizabeth Browne, EGLE's new Materials Management Division director, joins MI Environment for this Fast Five edition.

EGLE funds first-of-its-kind economic study of groundwater contamination management

Groundwater contamination -- failed drainfield

The Long Run Risk research project is intended to help state and local decision-makers to better understand the effects of current management strategies for contaminated groundwater.

Female leaders at EGLE highlight their careers on International Women's Day

Happy Women's Day graphic

MI Environment is highlighting some of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy's female leadership on International Women's Day.

MI Environment marks second anniversary

Screenshot of MI Environment webpage

EGLE's online publication in the past two years has highlighted the work of EGLE staff to protect the environment and public health in 311 stories.

Michigan's water resources are a global treasure; EGLE is using innovation, fresh thinking to keep them that way

Screenshot of EGLE Director Clark working from home

EGLE plays a leading role in ensuring the Great Lakes remain healthy for generations to come.

EGLE Director addresses U.P. Clean Energy Conference, highlights task force recommendations on propane availability

Screenshot of EGLE Director Liesl Clark at U.P. Clean Energy Conference

In videotaped remarks at the recent Upper Peninsula Clean Energy Conference, EGLE Director Liesl Clark shared updates from the U.P. Energy Task Force and information about the EGLE mission.

Fast Five with Porous Pave, Michigan company that gives recycled tires a new life with EGLE's help

Porous Pave's permeable path under the canopy walk at Whiting Forest in Midland. Photo credit: Porous Pave

As an EGLE grantee, Porous Pave has completed projects around Michigan and throughout the country using pour-in-place permeable paving material made in Michigan with recycled rubber.

What you need to know about the Edenville Dam water release

Edenville Dam spillway modification project looking north along the Tobacco River

The emergency work on the dam that began in December is expected to help protect against downstream flooding when spring rains and snowmelt occur.

EGLE's scrap tire program poised to grow new markets

Cover of Scrap Tire Market Development Study

The latest report on scrap tires in Michigan lays out opportunities to create a market development strategy to create and grow new scrap tire markets.

Proper disposal of popular lithium-ion batteries prevents fires, protects your family and the environment

Lithium-ion battery after fire in MarquetteLithium-ion batteries can pose a significant fire danger, if not disposed of properly.

Number of Michigan Paddle Stewards jumps after course offered online for free, registrations open for next class

Four kayakers on the water part of MI Paddle Stewards program Credit: Todd Marsee, MI Sea Grant

The number of MI Paddle Stewards jumped significantly when the course became available online for free in 2020.

Emmet County upgrades recycling operation with robotic sorting, with help of EGLE grant

Robotic recycling in Emmet County

An EGLE grant has helped Emmet County use robotic separating equipment that has gotten the attention of local and national media.

EGLE grants help small businesses in Michigan realize energy efficiency savings

Vaporizer at Bell's Brewery in Comstock

Bell's Brewery upgrade funded through EGLE's Energy Services cut company annual energy use by 190,000 kilowatt hours.

EGLE Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan project wins honorable mention award from EPA

Rehabilitated Pump at Milk River Pump Station

The $40 million Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan project focused on rehabilitating seven storm pumps, repairs, and other upgrades and improvements to the facilities.

Oakland County earns national recognition for EGLE-aided drinking water projects in Pontiac

Installation of ductile iron water main in the city of Pontiac

Earning EPA recognition was the water main and water meter replacement project in the city of Pontiac.

Two Southeast Michigan school districts drive into electric school bus era

Roseville electric school bus with driver (Jennifer Lewis) holding charger

Two Michigan school districts, in collaboration with EGLE and DTE Energy Co., have added electric school buses to their fleets — and their classroom curriculums.

2020 By The Numbers: 26 ozone air monitors

Ozone monitor in Kalamazoo

EGLE's Air Quality Division maintains more than 40 monitoring sites for one or more pollutants. There are 26 monitors for ozone around the state.

Grand Haven area school features new water filtration system to protect against PFAS contamination

Filters on a trailer delivered to parking lot of Robinson Elementary School near Grand HavenA school near Grand Haven last week started up a new water-filtration system designed to protect students and staff from PFAS contamination in the groundwater.

2020 By the Numbers: 5,700 air quality inspections

EGLE staffer conducts an air quality inspection.

EGLE ensures that Michigan's air remains clean by regulating sources of air pollutants to minimize adverse impact on human health and the environment.

2020 By the Numbers: 25 million pounds electronic waste collected

Electronic waste collection event

Twenty-five million pounds of potentially hazardous electronic waste was collected and properly disposed of through EGLE’s takeback program.

2020 By the Numbers: 1,280 students learning about Great Lakes stewardship

Two students are from Les Cheneaux Community Schools district check a solar-powered monitoring station

Approximately 1,280 students from the six districts will learn skills to prepare them for high-quality water-focused STEM careers.

New video joins other resources on deadly radon gas

Screenshot from EGLE Classroom episode on radonA new EGLE Classroom video on the dangers of radon gas in the home is the latest free resource made available by EGLE.

2020 By the Numbers: 402,000 scrap tires cleaned up

Pile of scrap tires outdoors

In 2020, EGLE issued $3.3 million in scrap tire grants.

2020 By the Numbers: 29,368 people attend training events, public hearings or meetings

screenshot from EGLE webinarEvents ranged from hearings on Michigan's high-water challenges to specialized trainings to help environmental experts who oversee wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities.

2020 By the Numbers: 2,700 attendees for air permitting webinar series

2020 By the Numbers Attendees for air permitting webinar seriesEGLE's Air Quality Division presented a series of 10 webinars attended by more than 2,700 people.

5 takeaways from EGLE's 2019 Air Quality Annual Report

Deck at the Allen Park air monitoring site measures 9 pollutants in the ambient air as well as certain weather conditionsThe year 2019 was another year of overall air quality improvement across the Michigan, according to the latest Annual Air Quality Report.

2020 By the Numbers: $2.1 million EV charging grants

Two charging stations partially funded by an EGLE grant have been installed in Grandville, Mich.EGLE is committed to the future of mobility through investment in infrastructure that is needed to support electric vehicles.

2020 By the Numbers: $326.7 million in state revolving fund loans

storm sewer installation in Benton HarborThe Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund awarded 42 loans in 2020 totaling more than $326 million.

Shoreline protection options include moving homes back from the water's edge

A home in South Haven is prepped for being moved back from the shoreline as high waters have eroded the property's beachfront to within feet of the structure.

More than 2,200 shoreline protection permits were issued in FY 2020, but finding alternatives may be better way to go.

2020 By the Numbers: 18,000+ well inspections

Gas well in Akron Township, Tuscola County, with wind turbines in the backgroundInspections by geologists on EGLE's Oil, Gas and Minerals staff are a very important aspect of Michigan’s regulatory oversight of the oil, gas, gas storage, injection well and mineral well industries.

2020 By the Numbers: 995 wastewater samples tested for COVID-19

Working with 19 laboratories across the state, EGLE is helping coordinate this testing network, which will provide an early warning system for future coronavirus outbreaks.

2020 By the Numbers: 14,995 FOIA requests fulfilled

2020 By the Numbers FOIA graphic

Fiscal Year 2020 was the inaugural year for EGLE’s new electronic Freedom of Information Act request portal. Nearly 15,000 FOIA requests were processed.

2020 By the Numbers: 51,404 gallons of PFAS containing firefighting foam collected

2020 By the Numbers Man collecting firefighting foam

The collection was part of a $1.4 million EGLE program designed to prevent future contamination caused by the unintentional use of this PFAS-containing product.

2020 By the Numbers: 2,284 shoreline permits issued

EGLE issued a remarkable number of permits in Fiscal Year 2020 for projects to help Michiganders protect homes and critical infrastructure.

Rising to the challenge: EGLE's "By the Numbers" series to highlight 2020's work

2020 By the Numbers graphic for Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Throughout the month of January, MI Environment will publish regular "EGLE 2020 By the Numbers" briefs highlighting the work of the agency's 1,200-plus employees.