EGLE launches new online FOIA request processing portal

Date:  January 07, 2020  
Time: All Day Event

Image of GovQA portal

EGLE has launched its new online Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request processing portal, GovQA. The new system allows EGLE to standardize and streamline its processes -- from billing to releasing records -- all while promoting timeliness and transparency.

Requesters will set up an account in the portal where they can submit requests for public records, track the progress of any requests in real time, receive updates, pay invoices online, and download electronic records responsive to their request.

EGLE will receive, process, and track records requests across multiple divisions, invoice for records as a department, and upload responsive records to a request. The portal also allows us to view metrics, run reports, and maintain an archive of FOIA requests.

During fiscal year 2019, EGLE received nearly 8,000 FOIA requests for over 60,000 individual sites. In the past, requesters received communications, invoices, and records from each individual division to whom the request was assigned.

The GovQA website includes a help tutorial video and a list of frequently asked questions.

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