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COVID-19 Uptake Among Members of Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities. Data consistently show health disparities among racial and ethnic minority groups relative to White populations, including most adult vaccination coverage.21 These disparities persist even when controlling for other demographic and socioeconomic factors.

Both historical and current experiences of racism and discrimination contribute to mistrust of the medical system among racial and ethnic minority groups.22 This mistrust extends to vaccines, vaccination providers, and the institutions that make recommendations for the use of vaccines.22 This skepticism, and lack of access, also extends to the COVID-19 vaccines.

State data compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) show that COVID-19 vaccination rates for Black and Hispanic/Latinx populations are lower than their share of the population and their share of COVID-19 cases and deaths in some states.21

For more information regarding increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake- please visit CDC: A Guide for Community Partners.21

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