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Debunking Misinformation

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It is human nature to seek reasons to better understand and fill in the gaps where information is missing. Misinformation arises when there are information gaps or unsettled science.46 A recent survey showed that among pregnant people or people trying to get pregnant, 72% either believed or were unsure about at least one myth that was presented to them.47

Disinformation occurs when false information is deliberately created and shared with malicious intent.46

Regardless of the type, misinformation or disinformation can affect vaccine confidence and lead to further vaccine hesitancy.

How to Handle Misinformation or Disinformation

Analyzing the potential impact of misinformation in a structured way helps to triage myths and identify which require a response. Follow the chart below when handling misinformation or disinformation.48

For more information around debunking misinformation refer to the links below: