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After Pregnancy

After the infant is born, it is common for the pregnant person to focus on the infant’s childhood vaccines schedule, however it is just as important to ensure the pregnant person is up to date with vaccines they may have been unable to receive during pregnancy. Vaccination after pregnancy is especially important if the pregnant person did not receive certain vaccines before or during pregnancy.107

Postpartum vaccination will help to protect the pregnant person from getting sick. It will also help with the infant’s immunity protection as some antibodies are passed to the baby through breastmilk if they are able to breastfeed. However, it is important to understand that pregnant people will not receive protective antibodies immediately if they wait to get vaccinated until after birth. This is because it takes about 2 weeks after getting vaccinated before the body develops antibodies. Regardless it is important to ensure the pregnant person is up to date on all recommend vaccines after pregnancy.107

For more information, regarding vaccine education after pregnancy, please refer to the CDC.

mom and baby in stroller