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Finding a Vaccine Location

Most recommended vaccines can be provided at the family’s doctor’s office, however if the family being served does not have a primary care provider or has other barrier’s to accessing a doctor’s office many recommended vaccines are also available at local pharmacies, health centers, health departments, and travel clinics.182  Below is information and tools to help find out where to get vaccinated.


  • If the MIHP family has a regular primary care provider they access, encourage the family to call their provider to schedule an appointment. 

  • Many local pharmacies offer most recommended vaccines for adults, as well as some travel vaccines. If the family chooses to go to a pharmacy to be vaccinated, encourage the family to consider calling ahead to determine if the pharmacy of choice has the vaccine requested, as well as asking the cost of the vaccine. Each vaccine can vary in price.

  • Federally qualified health centers provide preventive services and wellness care, including vaccines — and may offer sliding fees based on the family’s income. Click the link to find a health care center near the MIHP family.183

  • Most local and district health departments administer vaccines in office. To find a list of the local and district health departments in the state of Michigan, go to the Michigan Directory of Local Health Departments.181

  • If the MIHP family is planning a trip outside the United States, travel clinics are a great resource for getting pre-travel health advice, including vaccine administration. It is important to encourage families to always call before going to the travel clinic as most travel clinics require an appointment.

                    To find a travel clinic, visit: