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80% of Brain Development Happens By Age Three

  • 80% Of Brain Development Happens By Age Three

    A child's experiences in the first few years of life help shape how their brain develops. A child's abilities, like movement, language, and emotion, develop in different parts of the brain and at different rates.

    Each experience with parents, caregivers, and teachers helps build brain connections during this crucial time of development. 



  • Steps Initiative

    The steps you take during these early years shape a child’s future health, happiness, learning and success in life. These are simple steps, like talking to them. Interacting with them. Reading, singing and playing with them on a daily basis. 

    To help you take the necessary steps to help all Michigan children thrive, we have put together two online tool kits packed with information and guidelines. One kit has materials specifically for parents and care givers of children ages zero to three. The other kit has materials for trusted advisors who work with parents of young children. 



Steps Tool Kit for Families

  • parents blowing bubbles and child watchingSTEPS TOOL KIT FOR FAMILIES

    Simple things you can do with your child every day and make a big impact on their success in school and later in life. Inside this kit, you’ll find how to take small steps at each age of your child’s development. Steps is a major initiative in Michigan to provide you with tips, infographics, articles and all the information you need to give your child a great start.

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Steps Tool Kit for Trusted Advisors

  • advisor with parent and childSTEPS TOOL KIT FOR TRUSTED ADVISORS

    If you are a teacher, doctor, influencer or collaborator with parents of children ages zero to three, you’re personal involvement in Steps is crucial. We are asking your help connecting parents with useful resources and services. This Steps tool kit gives you materials and easy ways to share critical information important during this time in a child’s life.

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