Statewide Programs

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP)

This program provides:

  • Blood lead surveillance, data, and reports.
  • Lead poisoning education and outreach. 
  • Health services for children with elevated blood lead levels.
  • Health services for children at risk of lead poisoning.
  • Funding to local health departments.  Local health departments use the funding to provide a nurse to visit your home.  The nurse discusses ways to help lower your child’s elevated blood lead level.  Local health departments also provide:
    • Blood lead testing (call to see if site provides testing).
    • Presentations and training about lead and lead poisoning prevention.   
    • Please call your local health department for these services.  
Lead Safe Home Program

This program helps families identify and remove lead-hazards from homes. (LSHP Brochure) (LSHP Brochure Spanish)

To qualify for the program, eligibility is based on your:

  • Complete application
  • Medicaid status
  • Home location

To apply for the program, submit a Lead Safe Home Program Application. (English) (Spanish) (Arabic)