How am I exposed to lead in water?

Lead might get into your drinking water as your water flows through older service lines, plumbing, pipes, fixtures, and faucets that contain lead.

If there is lead in your drinking water, you and your loved ones may be exposed by:

  • Using water for drinking, cooking, or for rinsing food.
  • Using the water to make powdered infant formula.
  • Brushing your teeth.

Never boil water to remove lead.
Boiling water that is not filtered or flushed won’t remove lead, and it may actually increase the amount of lead in the water. This is because the lead does not boil down, but the amount of water does. This increases the concentration of the lead left behind.

You can use water that is not filtered or flushed for:

  • Showering or bathing (avoid swallowing the water).
  • Washing your hands, dishes, and clothes.
  • Cleaning.