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Provider I-Billing

 Login to I-Billing (I have my password)

Child care providers caring for subsidy authorized children complete billings every two weeks to receive payment from MDE. Below you will find provider billing information that will help you in the process.

Equipment Needed - You need a computer with an Internet connection. A standard web browser capable of using 128 bit encryption and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher are also needed. You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader free by following this link: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader 


How do I know if I have "128 bit encryption?" Most newer web browsers should work. Ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you're not sure. 

Signing In - On this web page select "Login to I-Billing." Type in your provider ID number and your PIN. 

If you are using a PIN for the first time, you will be prompted to change it. You must select a new, six-digit PIN and enter it on the Change PIN screen. You then must select three security questions and enter responses to each before completing the initial login. Please retain the security questions and answers to assist in the future if you forget your PIN. You may also change your PIN or Security Questions at any time by selecting either the "Change PIN" or "Change Security" buttons after selecting "Submit" to login. 


Tip - PINs must be six digits long. You can only use numbers. No letters, spaces or special characters are allowed. PINs cannot be in ascending or descending order (Example: 123456/654321) and cannot repeat the same number for all six digits. PINs cannot be changed to one of the last five previously used PINs. PINs must be changed every 180 days. 

Corrections and Back Billing - 

The current and prior year pay periods are available in Internet billing. Pay periods can be submitted via the Internet as many times as necessary to submit corrections and complete back billing. To correct or back bill; select the pay period, select "Work on Billing Invoice", type in the revised or additional hours and then select Submit. 


Tip - Before you begin working on a billing that you submitted previously, be sure you have a printed copy for your records. If you do not, use the "View Billing Invoice" button to view and print out the previously submitted bill before you begin working on the revised billing. Only the last submitted Billing/Attendance Invoice (DHS-105) for each pay period is available for viewing. 

Payment History Inquiry - You can use this feature to view your last payment; or you can select a pay period and view all payments for care provided within that pay period. For details, see the Provider Billing Help.

Timing and Deadlines - Pay periods can be worked on the day they start. You can enter hours day by day throughout the two weeks and use the save buttons to retain the hours. Submit your hours after validating your entries are correct for each child.

Getting Help - "Help" buttons are available on the main screens. All of the help information is also available through these links:



If you still need help after reading these pages, you may call 1-866-990-3227 weekdays, except holidays.