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Curriculum and Assessment Review Process

The state legislation, the State School Aid Act, authorizing the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) requires each program to utilize ‘an age-appropriate educational curriculum that is in compliance with the early childhood standards of quality for prekindergarten children adopted by the state board.’ The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) additionally requires each program to implement an authentic assessment of each child. Programs are provided with a list of appropriate comprehensive curriculums and authentic assessment tools from which to choose.

Over the past several years, MDE has redesigned and implemented a process to review current and potential comprehensive curriculums and authentic assessment tools to ensure alignment with recommended practices and state standards. The new process is implemented by a Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) made up of highly qualified individuals representing GSRP, institutions of higher education, K-3 educators, MDE, and the early childhood community.

Publishers wishing to have their curricula or assessment tools reviewed by the CRC for use in GSRP may wish to review the GSRP Curriculum Approval Process Overview or the GSRP Child Assessment Tool Approval Process Overview. For additional information, email Richard Lower, GSRP Director.