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MI Tri-Share for Employees

MI Tri-Share for Employees

Learn how MI Tri-Share can benefit you.

Lower your child care costs by 66%

Through MI Tri-Share, the cost of child care is shared equally by you, your employer and the State of Michigan — a three-way split. That means you only pay one-third of child care for your children. Plus, you get to choose which child care provider you prefer.

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Go to work knowing that your kids are safe

If the high cost of child care has prevented you from pursuing a great job, look no further than an employer that participates in MI Tri-Share.

  • Gives you the confidence of knowing your children are in good care while you’re at work: that they have the opportunity to succeed from day one.
  • Helps you find licensed child care providers.
  • Improves your work-life-family balance.
  • Helps you pursue a career.

One less check to write each month

Your employer may deduct your child care costs from your paycheck and then make payments directly to your child care provider. Which means you can just focus on your family, and enjoy saving 66% on you child care costs.