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Mi Tri-Share Information for Employers

MI Tri-Share for Employers

Learn the benefits of MI Tri-Share for Employers.

ROI that's friendly to your bottom line

Through MI Tri-Share, the cost of an employee's child care is shared equally among the employer, the employee and the State of Michigan — a three-way split.

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What's in it for your business?

  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • You can offer a new, highly desirable benefit that improves recruitment and retention.
  • Removes a significant barrier for the employees you need.
  • Provides financial relief for your employees by reducing out-of-pocket costs for child care.
  • Improves employee work-life-family balance.

Flexibility to determine your commitment

  • You decide how many child care slots should be offered to employees.
  • You set a maximum dollar amount investment and parameters.
  • Employee contribution may be collected through payroll deduction.
  • Tri-Share facilitator hubs assist your business and provide regional coordination.

An attractive addition to your benefits package that's hard to resist

  • Attract talent.
  • Retain talent.
  • Make a positive difference in your employees' lives.