• Boost Michigan's Small Business Revenue

    More than 900,000 small businesses employ 1.9 million people. COVID-19 impacted small businesses nationally and here in Michigan. These businesses offer opportunity for wealth generation for women and entrepreneurs of color. Governor Whitmer is setting a bold goal for Michigan's small businesses to have Top 10 growth during the next five years. Gov. Whitmer is tasking state government to develop Michigan's first strategy to support micro-businesses - those mom and pop shops that have less than ten people, along with creative supports for second stage businesses and other types of small businesses in order to create better jobs.

    Increase Household Income by Creating Better Jobs

    Governor Whitmer is putting Michigan's people and raising families' incomes at the center of economic development in Michigan. Since 2000, Michigan's per capita income has lagged the national income growth and 56% of Michigan's jobs are below the national median. Michigan is now focused on supporting the creation of jobs that have the pay and benefits to support a middle class lifestyle or provides the career pathways to that type of job in the near future. The Governor is directly addressing this issue by setting the bold goal of Michigan becoming the benchmark for economic development nationally to support good and promising job creation that will make Michigan's economy more resilient and equitable.