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  • Michigan's residents deserve to live in vibrant communities with the kinds of services and amenities associated with a high standard of living. The state can continue to create a strong foundation for communities to grow by making historic investments in broadband, housing, and other critical infrastructure.

Goals and Objectives

  • Providing Affordable Housing

    Safe and affordable housing is critical to ensure the health, safety and well-being of Michigan residents as communities across Michigan are grappling with unique and varied housing needs. While housing challenges existed before the pandemic, COVID-19 has certainly exacerbated them. Knowing that a strong community starts with a family's home, the Governor is creating the state's first housing goal in order to address this challenge that is occurring nationally.

    Ensure 100% Broadband Internet Access

    The lack of high-speed internet access can cause too many Michiganders to struggle in their ability to engage in online learning, to use telemedicine to seek needed healthcare, to search for a new job or to take advantage of all the online resources. With high-speed internet becoming a necessity in our educational, professional, and personal lives, every home and business in our state needs access to an affordable, reliable high-speed connection that meets their needs and the skills to use it effectively. A fully connected Michigan is essential for our state to reach its economic potential in the 21st-century global economy.

housing for all

  • GOAL: 75,000 new or rehabilitated housing units in five years (FY22-FY26) 

    State housing plan finalized and launched 
    First 15,000 units built, with a focus on ALICE populations

     why this goal matters


  • Affordable housing projects

    To address housing needs, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has financed $607.2 million in housing projects that created or preserved 5,508 units since Fiscal Year 2020.



American Rescue Plan Proposal