Message from the Governor


From day one as Governor, I've been laser-focused on putting Michiganders first. I will work with anyone who is serious about solving problems and addressing the kitchen-table issues -creating good-paying jobs, building on our rich manufacturing heritage, investing in schools and child care, expanding access to education and skills training, and of course, fixing the damn roads.

But in 2020, we faced a new challenge - COVID. We tackled the deadly pandemic head-on. We listened to experts and acted quickly. Studies showed that our actions saved thousands of lives and helped families weather the storm.

Now we have an opportunity to focus on our economic recovery. But as a state we need to come together to decide what we want our recovery - and our economy - to look like. I believe that just getting back to where we were before COVID isn't good enough. We know that for decades, our economy wasn't working for every Michigander. The pandemic highlighted how many of these inequities are keeping too many Michigan families from getting ahead.

MI New Economy is comprehensive vision for our state's economy, and a plan to meet the opportunity of this moment and to grow the middle class, support small businesses, and invest in our communities. The plan sets strong but attainable goals, backed by data so we can track progress and hold each other accountable. 

By clearly identifying the big challenges we're facing, my hope is that we can develop a shared consensus and work toward solutions that will allow us to create a stronger and better future for our state.