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Education and Employment E2 Program

The innovative Education and Employment program, or E2, will support partnerships between state-approved adult education programs and eligible employers to assist adults without a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent, in furthering their education while working in subsidized public sector employment. The program will help close equity gaps in education in Michigan. Black/African Americans comprise 13% of Michigan's population but represent more than 17% of the those without a high school diploma across the state. Similarly, Hispanic/Latino individuals make up about 4% of the population in Michigan, but more than 11% of the population does not have a high school diploma statewide. While women on average have higher levels of educational attainment than men, roughly 8% of them in Michigan do not have a high school diploma, and women were hit especially hard by the pandemic.

The E2 program will encourage participants to transition to higher education or training, where appropriate, and measure the number of participants who enroll in postsecondary education, leading to an industry-recognized credential or degree. Projected enrollment for E2 is 3,500 over three years with 2,800, or 75%, graduating with a high school diploma or equivalency and obtaining unsubsidized employment or enrolling in postsecondary education or training.